New Year Same You and THANKYOU!

Welcome to 2019!  WHAT!!!!  It is officially the future.  We had so many images of what the future would look like.  Was this it for you? 

As we enter 2019 many of us see the New Year as a time to set new intentions, make new dream boards or perhaps start on new resolutions for the New Year.

This year though I am looking at this process a little differently.  Instead of focusing on what I don’t have I choose to focus on what I do have.  I am exploring old skill sets (returning to photography a bit as you can see from the Eclipse photo this month) and honoring what I already have physically, emotionally and materialistically.

#1 GOAL To build off the skillsets I have already developed. 

  • Complete the Bodytalk training and begin to serve my community with this awesome work
  • Provide more Reiki in the form of hands on, home and crystal treatments and atunements
  • Teach more one on one Yoga Sessions

#2 GOAL To take inventory of everything in my home and be grateful for it.

  • Inspired by Mari Kondo,  I  have started to clean up my space and really appreciate every object in my home. 
  • Enjoy my everyday tasks even those that seem mundane.

#3 GOAL Pause and appreciate this beautiful world we get to live in.

  • Be inspired by the Sunrise and Sunset.  Really look into the fire and stop and enjoy the flowers.  (OK Cheesy I know but you get the gist I hope)
  • What's the hurry time is just a construct.

Of course like any goals set for a New Year my commitment to these will ebb and flow but isn’t that the Practice.  Just because I fold the laundry in a bad mood once doesn’t mean I have failed it just means I get to try again because we all know the Laundry cycle never ends.