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A Feel- Good Daily Energy Routine by Donna Eden

A 5 minute run through and an 11 minute with explanation.  Enjoy.



For this 45 minute practice you will need 1 or 2 straps, a bolster and maybe a blanket.

Permission Statement “I give myself permission to be Whole, Body, Mind and Spirit.

We begin this Energy balance with the Psoas, Piraformis and the Low back as defined by Problem Solving.

Connecting into a group of Wood Elements all defined by the Consciousness of the Liver (Vision). The wood elements are the Gall Bladder defined by decision making (how we process our decisions), the Yin Muscles (allowing the rhomboids and pectorals to let go of any tension around problem solving or worry) and the Activity of Decision making correlated to our trust of our internal voice.

Wood Connected to Earth is a Ko (controlling, maintains structure rules and order, prevents excess, Grandparent to grandchild) relationship.

The Earth Elements are all defined by Seeing Truth. They are the Joy and Sadness we hold in our Yin Muscles of Earth, Surrendering to the Intuitive Process and how we intuit change in relation to the Anger and people (specifically male) outside of us.

Completely separate from this segment but also being processed in this video we connected the brain tour hips to promote strong thinking in the gut, we reexamined worry and the color blue through our low back, rewired some generational feedback in our lumbar spine and processed grief from our thyroid allowing clear communication to our pituitary gland.

Hope you enjoy this practice. Love Leith

Bodytalked Strong Flow Practice- Backbends, Pincha,  Scorpion....

In this weeks Strong Flow Practice Video our Statement for the practice is

“I give permission to have faith in the Devine” “There is a divine plan for me”

Within the practice we balance our whole system and allow ourselves to quiet amid the chaos of life.  As we grow quiet we connect to our low back area defined by the consciousness of our Navel.  This connects to a memory from a past relationship defined by our sense of Anger.  Next we balance the energy of Metal (Hamstrings, QL, and Serratus anterior muscles) as defined by fear.  Connecting into a Wood element (Pec major, Muscles and Movement) defined by smell and the consciousness of making decisions.

Next We balance the Heart Meridian with Physical Hearing (anchored by the heart) to the thymus and the Bandhas (Chakras 3, 5 and 1) as affected by a societal sense of fear and our own sense of Joy/ Sadness and our capability to move forward in life.

Bodytalked Slow Flow Practice

This is a practice that will focus on the Statement “I give myself permission to be satisfied” with a theme on our Metabolism.  How we process everything we take in, food, emotion, air etc.

We begin by releasing tension through our entire pelvis balancing the relationship from our pelvis to our skull and heart.  We literally are making space for things to move in this area and open up the communication from head to pelvis.

Next we move into a water element where we focus on both the Yin and Yang muscles governed by Water to balance the emotion of fear and also create clarity around what we see and how we react and what we react too in our world.  The water element also rules our Nervous System and Will Power.  Through this Yin and Yang movement we balance the Consciousness of our Thyroid gland and its relationship to Metabolism as well as the energy of Joy/ Sadness in our bodies.

Our Navel Center Connects us to new beginning and moves things through the stomach and Pancreas balancing Anxiety and moving us towards reliable insight.

From Water we move into a Fiery element remembering that Water controls fire.  We allow the fire to build through sweat, Touch as defined by sweat and motivation, and Knowing as defined by the Consciousness of our adrenals that for this practice is the energy of protection.

Finally as we come to the floor we address the Consciousness of Time and accepting “What is as is” as while as our identification with the masks and roles we play in life and the need to Hydrate in order to process it all.


Bodytalked Restorative Practice

For this practice you will need a bolster,  2 blocks and 2 blankets.

In this Restorative practice we take a Journey from the Outside in….  We start by embracing fear and anger located in our shoulder and chest and allowing our bodies balance those emotions to the energy of protection and motivation. 

Moving inward we connect to balance and peace setting a foundation for our journey and allowing creative solutions to arise from a grounded place in our gut. 

As we move further inward that earth element supports the metal element to allow us to surrender around loss, contraction, the rotten smell of decay in order to truly connect to the “Sweetness of life”.

Moving further inward we move into the wood Element (controlled by the Metal Element) where we can be in a space to hear the true subtle messages that appear through Tears, Birth/ Growth and Wind.


1 hour long Strong Flow featuring Arm Balances

 25 minute Rest and Restore

Soft Flow Practice

Strong Flow Practice

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