Love Surrounds You

February is the month of Love.  Love can mean so many things I feel like the english language is insufficient to cover the many meanings of Love.  As a result we can easily get confused when discussing “Love”.

This month though it has occurred to me that Love is the energy that moves us.  It is the energy at the base of every atom in every cell of your body.  We are all just vibrating forces of Love.

If you prescribe to the belief, that you are not your body, then clearly our physical bodies surround us with Love.  

You can experience this love by noticing your body functions on its own, acknowledging the amazing things it will do to get your attention and being aware of the incredible feats your body performs on a daily basis.  Our bodies even love us when we abuse them, attack them and do not love them back.

So I implore you… This Valentine's Day.  Send your Body some love. Feed it food it likes, take it for a long walk or run in nature,  or let it rest.  Take this day to honor the body that loves you most first and encourage those around you to do the same.

Happy Valentines Day

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