Falling for Fun

The month of April was all about Balance.  We explored physical balance on our mats.  We began with what it feels like to balance in our physical body on both our feet and hands.  We explored falling.  How do we react physically and emotionally to falling?

The reality is that once I give myself permission to fall it becomes much harder to actually fall.  And with permission to fall and a knowledge that I will be safe when I fall the falling becomes much less of an ordeal.

As  a Libra I crave balance.  Balance makes me comfortable.  I can’t help but to adjust and rearrange everything in my life in order to achieve balance.  But the truth of it is, that I cannot always have the balance I am so attached to.  This is why my falling practice has become so important.  I am slowly but surely training myself to be ok with “off balance”. 

What does balance mean to you? 

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