Traveling By Cartwheel

A few weeks ago my family went to the beach and my kids began to play with the other kids on the beach.  As the children would travel back and forth to their parents individual beach encampments, one little girl caught my eye.  I noticed that while the other kids ran or walked or skipped to their parents her chosen mode of transportation was via Cartwheel.

I was a kid who traveled by Cartwheel and sometimes I still get the urge and imagine myself Cartwheeling across a room or in the park.   I never took gymnastics (although I really wanted to) and I never got into any bigger tricks (maybe a roundoff once in a while) but I loved the feeling of going upside down.  For a long time as an adult I forgot about this part of myself.   I no longer travel by Cartwheel but I do spend time everyday upside down. 

For me going upside down provides a new perspective.  When life feels hard or overwhelming I can easily change my mood by going upside down and then life feels so much less serious.   As an adult going upside down is a fast way for me to feel a moment of joy and lightness.  Standing on my hands reminds be that I am strong, balanced, whole and complete.  Standing on my head calms my mind and stops limiting thoughts.  Of course there are so many physiological and physical benefits of going upside down when you are a healthy person but for me what it boils down to is…  going upside down is fun and it makes me happy.


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